What is the Difference?

Question:  What is the difference between a Christian and a non christian?

This question came up in our study last night.  I did not get into the technical answer because of time and went to what I perceived  to be the purpose of the question.  I think this answer will be of some help to many who are wondering what life is all about.

God stated that when He made man, he would be in His image, after His likeness and with dominion (Gen 1:26)  That work was not completed when he formed (made) man and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (Gen 2:7).  Man at that point had a living soul but he was not yet fitted for eternity.  He had everything he needed to live in this physical world but he was incomplete as far as the ultimate plan that God had for him in eternity.

When Satan entered the scene in Genesis, chapter 3, he introduced man to sin and it affected every man in many ways, and still does to this day.  One of the effects of sin is to limit man’s vision to only this world.  In this condition, man only sees life within the confines of this physical life.  Consequently, his plans and efforts go into what makes this life “worth it”.  That can be reduced to passions, possessions and positions.  They are the limit of the carnal mind’s understanding of the purpose of life because they do not have God’s Spirit to teach them or prepare them for eternity.

The Christian, on the other hand, has the Holy Spirit dwelling within him and therefore has the capacity to see the unseen.  (Heb 11:27)  A Christian is a person plus the Holy Spirit.  He is capable of sin as all other men, but he learns not to because he sees the value of eternal value over temporal (temporary) value.  The carnal (earthly) man has only his physical senses to teach him while the Christian has his physical senses as well as his spiritual senses to teach him.  The Christian is not only human but II Cor. 5:17 says he is a new creation of God.  He is now a child of God because he has humanity for a mother and God as his Father.  This is what Jesus was telling Nicodemus in John 3 when he said you must be born again.  Don’t exit life without having this new birth.