About Me

My name is Vernon Ball and I am 73 years of age.  I am an ordained minister since 1972 and a graduate of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in 1973.  My wife, Darla, and I have 7 children, 21 grandchildren and (soon to be) 10 great grandchildren and have just celebrated 53 years of marriage.  I am the author of the book, The Mystery of Faith, and have published several articles.  Some of these will be added here, under Articles.

I have pastored 5 churches, served as interim pastor for 4 churches, preached revivals, pulpit supply, held various positions in  local associations, and served as a State Missionary in Colorado for nearly two years, made two mission trips to the Sioux indian reservation in North Dakota, worked in jail ministries, rest home ministries, street ministries, started a mission church in Colorado, and have had over a dozen men commit their lives to serving the Lord Jesus out of the churches I served.  I share these things not to say look at me, but but to say look at what the Lord can do with an ordinary man that will follow Him, and to give you insight as to who I am and what I am about.

Most of the time I have been bi-vocational.  That means that I have had to work a secular job in order to support my family as the churches weren’t able to be my full time support.   To say that things were rough is an understatement – they were impossible.  That is where the Lord specializes, doing the impossible.

I am currently on an adventure with the Lord that is so beyond me that I just say, Wow Lord!  You are good.  My blog entries will take you with me as we see the Lord do wonderous things.  I will begin to bring you up to date on my blog entries as we discover the wonder and joy of walking with Him in today’s world.