Training Video 1A is now a reality. I just posted my first training video entitled Spiritual Reality 1A on You Tube. You can view it on You Tube at

This video (1A) and video (1B) together comprise the first lesson of a series of 6 lessons on Spiritual Reality. This series of lessons address the missing part of reality that most people know very little about. We pass through three worlds to arrive at our final destination in eternity. The first world is the world of the womb, where we get our body and physical senses. With these we discover life outside the womb in the world we describe as time and space. It is here that we can miss the most amazing and wonderful part of life, the spiritual world. It cannot be detected by the physical senses but it is discovered and experienced by the spiritual senses that come with the New birth. Just as an unborn baby is only slightly aware of this physical world so also is the natural man only slightly aware of the spiritual world that Jesus said was so absolutely necessary. This is a training video for Christian pastors and church leaders that have little or no training available to them but is also valuable for those who are just growing in their spiritual walk. This series is designed for individual or small group study so that you can proceed at your own pace. Subscribers receive the full benefit of additional resources and support.

This is what has been taking so much of my time and keeping me from posting more here. I have had to purchase the software. learn how to use the program, construct the content, edit the material multiple times, send it out to be critiqued and revise again. It is a lot of work but I really believe that it is worth all the effort.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I really appreciate your feedback.

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