Changing Times

I am sure that at least some of you are wondering why I haven’t posted anything for the past couple of weeks and there are several reasons that comprise that answer that question.

Heading up the list is the pandemic of the corona virus and the impact it has already made on life as we have know it.  Life as we knew it is gone and we are discovering the new normal.  This has altered our lives in so many ways and people are asking, “Have you ever seen anything like this, before?”  Actually, there have been many things like this before, though with some differences.  Change is the norm for all of life as we know it.  Our environment is constantly changing.  Historians tell us that there have been multiple environmental changes such as the ice age, etc. Even more to our time, the weather patterns are changing back and forth from warming to  cooling; wet and dry years.   I remember the end of the dust bowl era and even a dust storm where the dust arrived as a wall of dust cloud and filtered through even the smallest cracks.  Change was present when we went from traveling in a wagon to a car; getting electricity when I was 7 years old; having running water inside the house, radio, TV, phones, computers, etc.  I am so glad that I saw life without all of these modern conveniences and went through these changes.  Indeed, change has been constant my whole life so that helps me to understand what is going on now.

Not only is our environment changing but our bodies are constantly changing.  First, there was the period of growth, then physiological changes, then family changes, career changes, then middle age spread and on to grand parenting and retirement and all the while realizing that I am not the man I once was.  Someone stole that young body I once had along with all my hair.  Now I can’t see as well, nor hear as well as I could before but I heard that it will all be okay soon as I won’t remember it either.  If there is one constant in life it is that everything is constantly changing.

Going backwards in history there have been sickness and disease tragedies of epic proportions.  A more recent event was the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and even before that the bubonic plague in England and Europe.  There have been untold numbers of events such as Anthrax, Cholera, Yellow Fever, and even when I was young I had to have polio shots.  Entire cities and town were decimated and even whipped out because of disease.  No, this isn’t the first nor is it probably the last time we have faced pandemic crises. 

Change isn’t even the issue because change is a constant.  It is not the fact that we can face death for it also is a constant as everyone dies sometime from something.  What matters are the choices we make in such times.  Is this a time in which it is okay to betray the values we claim to possess?  Is quitting an answer that is acceptable to ourselves?  Is the cost to great to pay for the victory that can be claimed?  When Israel was in captivity and they were threatened to be totally annihilated, Mordecai told Esther, “who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?  I think that it is, as Winston Churchill said to England at their lowest point in WW 2; “May it be said of us the this was our finest hour.”  It is not a question of “IF” we face change, but rather “HOW” we face it that makes the difference.  We should face it trusting the Lord and declaring the HOPE that is within us.  Your response will reveal what you truly believe.

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