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If this website is a help to you, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Where do you live?  What would you like for me to address?  How often do you check in?  How can I help?  My curiosity grows with the passing of time.  I have been doing this blog for over 2 years now and I really would like for your input on how I need to improve it. 

I did get one individual to interact with me recently and he told me that he couldn’t find a place to respond in the Q & A.  I looked at it and found he was right so that has been corrected.  You can go to any part of the site that has a response block to contact me and I will get it.  I am the only one that views your comments and I will not post anything that you don’t want posted.  Further, even if I post a comment I will make every effort to protect your confidentiality.  I do not share the information with anyone or any organization that can be hacked and endanger you in any way.  My sole interest in this website is to share things that will be beneficial to you in your faith walk with the Lord Jesus.

I have tried to let you know who I am and what I am about.  Further information is available in the about section or by request if you do not find it there.  You can review all of my post by searching them by topic or you can review them by date.  You can click on the cloud at the top of each post to drop me a note or ask a question.

This blog is for you and your benefit.  I make no money from it and I purposely do not allow popups and adds that waste your time and insult your intelligence.  I do it because I have been given insights that I want to share and I want to be a blessing, rather than seek a blessing.  I will do all I can do to make this site a true blessing to as many as I can.

Brother Vernon

2 thoughts on “Response Needed

  1. I have always been a person who believes that God answers questions and gives us what we need by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide 1) The Pastor on the pulpit (and on the BLOG); 2) The people sitting in a waiting room; 3) The Sunrise (also known as the SON rise) and Son set; 4) His Holy Word as we open our Bibles and pray for guidance. Almost without fail this blog site has been exactly what I needed on the day I read it. When I recently visited two separate Baptist Churches, both ministers preached what I needed to hear, answering my prayers and questions that I wasn’t really prepared (shame on me) to hear. These were things that I NEEDED to hear, not what I WANTED to hear. You have quite the record of doing the same type of leading of your flock. God has given your readers quite the earful of blessed topics which point all of us in the right direction to knowing, loving and obeying God’s will. Teaching us of what the Bible tells us is God’s expectations of us and how to find it in the Bible is your gift. I wouldn’t think of anything to ask for because the Holy Spirit leads you onward and upward. Thank you for loving and obeying our Lord and Savior.

    • Jodie,
      Good to hear from you again. You are always so encouraging. It is the Lord that is supplying your needs and He is the one that we honor. If I visit you and you offer me a hot chocolate, I do not praise the stove for the heating nor the cup for the holding, or even the chocolate for the taste; I thank you for the love and blessing. I still love to hear of you receiving blessings for every good gift comes from the Father of lights.

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