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We have returned from our mission trip to Japan and I am so blessed to have been a part of such a great event.  There were six nations represented at the Olive Conference.  It was presented in three languages over 4 days.  There were 64 attendees (mostly church leaders and pastors) in addition to speakers, worship leaders, and host.  It was such a joyous spirit of love and fellowship and unity that differences had little meaning.  Evidence of Christ’s presence abounded and many new bonds were made.

The theme of the conference was “Walking By Faith” and First Baptist Church of Keller was invited to teach the training classes (6) that was followed by a discussion time for each day.  It was amazing how the participants could almost quote what was said in each class and had real insight of its meaning.  I have rarely witnessed such commitment to learning and applying the material to everyday experience. 

The team from First Baptist Church of Keller, Tx consisted of four:  Mission Pastor, Lawrence Duhon; Mission Committee Chairman, Bob Vigoren;  Mission Committee member, Michael Faubel; and Mission Committee member, Vernon Ball.  Beside teaching the six classes, the team participated in personal counseling, joint worship where the music was sang in three languages, each in turn, and participating in the group discussion time. 

There was some time allowed for personal devotions and relaxation.  On a couple of these times I went for a walk in the forested mountainous setting  on one of the trails and found a number of spider webs that crossed the trail.  To keep from walking into them we waived a stick up and down to clear the webs from the trail.    It reminded me of the snares of the devil.  Sure enough, Satan tried to trick a key person in the conference into leaving the conference, but the Lord stepped in and that member was rescued from making a life changing error in her faith walk.

We saw a number of such victories in several different situations.  It was a great blessing to see the Lord magnified among us in so many ways.   I received a note from Pastor T saying that the “connection with the local leaders and pastors are now more committed. Next month I’ll visit some cities there.”  There is speculation of another conference next year.  Please be in prayer that we will remain in step with the Lord in this matter.

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  1. Ball 牧师,你好。我的英语不好,就用中文了。记得会议中小组分享时,AICF的牧师说,不要问明年什么时候,谁知道明年会怎样。谁知一语成谶,今年这样的情况是很难再见面了。

    • Ball mùshī, nǐ hǎo. Wǒ de yīngyǔ bù hǎo, jiù yòng zhōngwénle. Jìdé huìyì zhōng xiǎozǔ fèn xiǎng shí,AICF de mùshī shuō, bùyào wèn míngnián shénme shíhòu, shéi zhīdào míngnián huì zěnyàng. Shéi zhī yī yǔ chéng chèn, jīnnián zhèyàng de qíngkuàng shì hěn nán zài jiànmiànle.
      Qǐng xiàng dāngshí yī qǐlái de jǐ wèi mùshī wènhǎo, yuàn nǐmen píng’ān, qídài nénggòu zàicì jiànmiàn.
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      Pastor Ball, hello. My English is not good, so I use Chinese. I remember when the group shared in the meeting, the AICF pastor said, don’t ask when next year, who knows what will happen next year. Who knows, it is difficult to meet again this year.
      Please say hello to the pastors who came together at the time. May you be safe and look forward to seeing you again.

      Hansel Zou,
      Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging message with me. I have translated it and forwarded it to the team. I really appreciate it when I hear from you as it is a real help and encouragement to continue in the work.

      I am currently in the process of establishing a CTC (Christian Training Center) for eastern Asia in which we will provide on line training for Christian leaders such as pastors with no formal training. It is our goal to provide courses, and resources as well as personal guidance to equip laborers for Christ. More on this later but I would gladly receive your input on this. I am also learning how to produce videos to enhance the process and will have them available as well. Lots of exciting things in the process. I covet your prayers in this endeavor. Brother Vernon

      • Vernon 牧师,您好。非常高兴收到您的回复。您和您的同工团队如此关心东亚这边的弟兄真是令人感动。想起去年会议时,您和团队中的牧师上台跪在弟兄姊妹的身边为大家祷告,并且如此挂念中国和日本的这边的弟兄姊妹,真是很鼓舞我。

        • Hello, Pastor Vernon. I am very happy to receive your reply. It is really touching that you and your team of colleagues are so concerned about the brothers here on East Asia. When I remembered last year’s meeting, you and the pastor of the team came to the stage and knelt beside the brothers and sisters to pray for everyone, and so missed the brothers and sisters in China and Japan, I am really encouraged.
          On the topic of CTC, let’s talk by email. Can you tell me your email.

          Hansel Zou, It is with great delight that I received your comment today. In response to your question, my direct email is vball_one@hotmail.com. Looking forward to your emails.

    • I just received your email late last night and will respond soon. Right now I have a commitment that will require much of the day. Your letter is a blessing.

      • Dear Pastor Vernon
        Have a good day.

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