Our journey through life often takes surprising turns. Sometimes they are quite rewarding and fill your heart with joy. One such time for me came this week as I am in the process of helping a family restore a deck in their back yard and to build a retaining wall so that there will be a flat play area for their children.

I was at my oldest son’s home during a pool party for their grandson. One of the ladies there was talking about their problem finding someone to work on their rear deck. She had several quotes but they all wanted over $5,000. and she felt that since she was just renting that it was way too much money as they didn’t expect to be there more than a couple years.

I listened as she told her story and somehow I felt that she was right and thought I might be able to help her. She has 8 children which she home schools. Three of them are grown but the rest are still at home. Her back yard is sloping so there is now a good place for her children to play. I agreed to go over to see if I could suggest a solution for her. Her son and my great grandson are best friends so there was a little personal incentive for me as well. I went over to look at the situation and left there with the commitment that I would do the work for her at a much reduced rate. The work was divided up so as they could save money by doing a portion of the work and I would provide the technical part as well as coordination and skills to complete the repairs.

Half of the deck had to be dismantled which was their part as well as the cleaning of the used stones of mortar from earlier use. When I arrived to begin my portion of the work, I found that the deck had been demoed in the correct manner I had instructed and the materials had been stacked out of the way. As I began my work the 15 year old came out and began cleaning the mortar from the used stone and stacking them separately. I watched as she worked, steadily and without any effort to get out of her job and without complaining. She worked for several hours, making good progress. I was so impressed with her work ethic and her attitude. It is so rare that you see a teenager who not only knows how to work but actually enjoys it. It was so refreshing to see that in a teenager without the usual phone in hand and plotting to get out of work. It made my work quite enjoyable.

But then I got a second surprise. The 11 year old sister came out and began to join her in the cleaning of the stones. She had the same work ethic and attitude. She also stayed at the job for two to three hours. Needless to say that they got a lot of work done and did a magnificent job as well. I wonder if they have any idea of how rewarded I was to behold their conduct. My hat is off to their parents, who not only are doing a great job preparing their children for life and instilling in them respect of others, but also for their attention to their other needs as well.

I am thinking of a few women of high standards that God used in His/story (history). There was Rachel, Ester, David’s grandmother Rahab, Ruth,and Mary the mother of Jesus, just to name a very few. God has great things planned for those who develop great qualities. They may not see it now but they will in time. It is a great encouragement to me to see this when all we here on the news is woe, woe, woe. God is at work and we will yet see him overcome all evil.

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