Management of Time

God’s Economy works in every situation, under all governments and at all times.

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day – 24 Hours.  -Budgeting

You will never do everything you want to do, make choices.  –  Setting Values

The main thing is to let the main thing remain the main thing.             –  Prioritizing

Learn the power of the word “No”.                                                     –  Self Discipline

Now where did I put that ???? . . .                                                            –  Organizing

“I need to concentrate!!!!”                                                                           –  Focusing

Interruptions, Delays and other “Problems”  –  Buying up the opportunities

There is no end to my workload.                                          – Resting and recreating

            Time is a very misunderstood concept in today’s environment.  We rarely give much thought as to the responsibility to manage it in much the same manner as we would manage any other resource that we may have.  Money is much easier to manage than time because it is seen and can be handled whereas time is invisible and cannot be handled in the same way.  Still it is an extremely valuable resource and carries with it a responsibility to be managed in the right way. 

            Because it is invisible, it is often overlooked as having great importance in our lives.  Most folks want to live a long time but their reasons for long life seem to much less clear than their desire for longevity.  What difference would it make if you were granted an additional 20 years of life if you did not have a purpose for those 20 years?  Sure, it may be comforting to have your loved ones around but what of the quality of life they are living.  In the book of Ecclesiastes we find this statement; “there is a time to live and a time to die”.  To every person is given a measure of time in which they are to “live”.  We never know how long that time is but we know that it is short – even if we surpass the century mark.  Someone noted on a headstone that the date of the birth was recorded and also the date of the death and that there was a dash between the two dates; and that was the time he was allotted.  Someone else commented that is was also correct that it was a dash – and went by fast.  The Bible puts it this way, Man is like a flower that appears for a time but soon passes away. (James 1:11)  Whatever time you have (remaining) needs to answer this question, “For what purpose have you been given this time?”  Time becomes meaningless until it has purpose.  Once the purpose has been clarified, then the use of time makes sense.

            Those who have not come to the point in their lives where the use of time is important will use their time just reacting to the events and circumstances around them and the “pressures of life” will consume all of their time.  They will constantly be heard to make statements like, “I never have enough time” or I wish I had time to . . .” or “I’d like to do thus and so, but I just don’t have the time.”

            Those who have come to the point in their lives where time is important will be overheard to describe it with terms like, “precious”, “valuable”, and like terms.

            In a world where there are differences in everyone’s lives, one thing that is alike in every life is that we all get exactly the same 24 hours a day.  No one gets a second more and no one is shorted even one second.  Time moves along at the same rate for everyone.  It is not a question of how much time we get but rather, how we use the time that we have. Another important point is that once that measure of time is spent, it cannot be exchange for any other purpose than what it was spent on.  The choices we make on how we use our time define our values, priorities, desires, needs and a whole lot of other things that go together to produce a quality of life.

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