China Mission Update

We  have had our first formal planning meeting on the China mission trip and here are the latest bits of information.  The time has not been set in stone but is projected between October 20th and November 15th.  We are waiting on a response from China as to the best time.  The trip will be about 10 days, including travel of 2 days each way, leaving about 6 days of actual time there.  Because of the sensitivity of the Chinese Government to religious activity we are taking a low profile approach so as to create as little as possible problems.

As of right now, there are 4 of us going and we will separate into two groups, touching two different regions of China.  It is more of an exploratory trip than a project type of trip.  We will be looking to our host to guide us so that we can be of the greatest blessing that we can as well as not putting a target on them so that they can continue to work freely there.

There are many things to complete in our planning but we are focusing in on the things of primary importance.  One of them is the securing of our visas.  I am the behind the rest of them but they are catching me up.  They have been to other countries on mission trips and they are more familiar with the process.  I have only been to Japan and that was a few years ago.

We do not know exactly where in China we will be going.  One location is fairly well decided but our other contact works in multiple locations so that has yet to be decided.  One thing I do know is that I will be visiting Forest and Yan who were members of our church and moved back to China a year ago.  They are also translating my book into their language.  When it is completed, it will become available to our Chinese brethren here in the USA.

As always, I want to enlist you on the prayer team for this mission trip.  I look forward to learning more about this culture and finding a way to be a blessing to them.  It is encouraging to hear from you and to share our hearts as we journey together in faith.

Just a note to our followers in France.  I am aware of a group of about 20 who have visited this site twice.  Would love to hear from you specifically.

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