Consider A Seed

Have you ever sat down and just considered the seed.  It doesn’t matter which seed you are thinking about for they all follow the same pattern.  For our consideration today we will choose a tomato seed.

It began as a part of the life of the tomato plant.  The plant produced its fruit of a tomato and contained within the tomato were dozens of seeds in their embryo state.  They were the hope of life beyond the tomato plant or the tomato.  They alone contained the hope of continuing the process of future tomatoes.  For that hope to become reality the seed must die to its present life and be separated from the tomato.  It then must be dried and stored for a future time or season.

Now consider the seed.  It is not beautiful, in fact, it looks quite devoid of life and beauty.  Notice that it is brittle and void of flexibility.  There is nothing about it to suggest that contained within it is the next plant that will produce more tomatoes and seeds.  It is quite small compared to the size of the plant or even the size of the tomato.  As long as the seed maintains its present state, nothing happens that will enable the possibilities of the hope that it represents.

Joh 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

The next event in the order of life for the tomato is that the seed must die.  Look at the process of planting.  You take a seed and place it into the ground.  The seed is buried in the dark, damp ground and all hope of it remaining a seed is lost.  Now behold the miracle of the Lord.  New life is generated from the death of the seed and from the seed a stalk begins to grow and pushes its way to the surface of the ground.  It is quite tender, yet it is able to push it’s way through the soil and even lift rocks many times it’s own in order to break forth into the sun light.  Where does it get it’s strength?  From the root system.  As the stalk pushes upward, the roots push downward and draws the nourishment and water to supply the plant above ground.  Without it the plant above ground would simply wilt and die.  Like the new plant, the Christian needs a good root system to supply the nourishment needed to do the work of God.  Notice also the the size of the root system is determines the size of the plant above ground.

The farmer knows about this process and plants with the hope of a harvest.  There may be some value to the nourishment contained within the seed but that is very small compared to the benefit from the harvest to be gained by entrusting the seed into the hands of God.  What you entrust into His hands is your seed and His blessing is the harvest.  But notice that the seed must die.  You must loose all control over the seed and to you it is lost.  Notice also that the seed must have a resurrection.  It must receive the new life from God and is not contained within itself.  God’s measure of blessing is some 30 and some 60 and some 100 fold.

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