Word Study – Angel

There are many nuggets to be mined from the study of the words used in the original languages of the Bible.  One such word is the word that we translate “Angel”.

It is the transliteration of the Greek word aggelos and in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance it is #32 aggelov aggelosang’-el-os from aggello (probably derived from 71; compare 34) (to bring tidings); a messenger; especially an “angel”; by implication, a pastor:–angel, messenger.

The word is translated 166 times in the New Testament as angel, 5 times as messenger and one time as apostle.   It is also used in reference to a heavenly being who serves the Lord in the care of His children.  Angels brought the message of God, encouraged mankind, confronted satanic powers, and watched over the souls of man.  These are the deeds of the pastor as well as heavenly angles.  Clearly then, angel is used in reference to a man that serves as God’s servant in caring for His children.   We don’t think of a pastor as an angle but the Bible makes that comparison.  It is understood by scholars that the angel of the 7 churches of Asia, referenced in Revelation 2 and 3 are a reference to the pastor of those churches.

It is no wonder then that the Bible states that the pastor is worthy of double honor.  He is God’s anointed and great care should be taken in bringing a charge against a pastor.

When he brings a message that especially touches your heart, you can truly say that you have been touched by an angel.

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