Translation Update

Today I received an email from Pastor Takeshi in Japan.  I rejoiced to hear how the Lord is blessing there in Japan and China.  As you may remember, he is pastoring a church in Japan and doing the translation of my book into Japanese.  He reported that there was a spiritual attack on their church from a noted person who was spreading false teachings throughout the area and how they countered that effort through prayer.  He also reported that there were two young disciples who are planting a new church in China and need prayers as the persecution there is growing.  There are also some other young Christians who are growing in the faith and are standing against the opposition.

He also reported that the Lord sent him an assistant to help him in the work there and therefore he will be able to devote more time to the translation of my book (The Mystery of Faith).He has been working on it but it has been slow.  He is currently on Chapter 5.

I have not heard for my translator in China in some time but our church has and the mission trip to China is now resuming and is in the planning stage.  It is looking like some time in the late fall but is not set at this time.  The last I heard was that he is on Chapter 6.

The translation into Russian is moving along and he is on the last part of Chapter 3.  I have noted that he is getting faster and having an easier time translating as he is understanding more of what the book is about and how it is structured.

About a week or so ago, the translator into Spanish contacted me and is finishing up on Chapter 2.  She has had a lot of sickness in her family and her mother has needed a lot of care so her work has not progresses as fast as she hoped.  Still she is continuing.

I am so amazed at what the Lord is doing with my book.  I never in thought that I would see it published when I first started it but I felt that it was what the Lord wanted me to do so I did it in obedience to Him.  Now I see Him doing other things with it.  I found out that it is being used as a training manual in the underground church in China as a training manual for new pastors.  Biblical training is almost non existent there so any help is deeply appreciated.

After the translations are completed, they will need to be checked by other translators to validate the content and prepare them for publication.  Hopefully, they will be a blessing to many people.More on this as we get closer to the time for the next step.

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