Use Me!

As some of you know, I am trying to sing with the men’s choir and there is a song that we are planning on doing on the 8th of April called Use Me.  It is about a person being used by God.  This morning I woke up with it on my mind and an additional insight that I chose to share with you this morning.  Our usability is directly proportionate to our surrender to and  our love for Him.  The Lord wants to use us but we are the ones that limit the extent of our use.  When we are stubborn about obeying or unwilling to obey, we limit how much we can be used.  When we want to be used in order to be seen, we stand in the way of others seeing God.   When we discount the little things and only look for the big things, we miss great opportunities.

Usability is determined on how we align ourselves with the Lord and His plan for us. It is presumptuous for us to think that we could possibly be ahead of God or see what He might have overlooked.  He desires to use us far more than we long to be used.The question arises of why we want to be used.  Is it to further the kingdom of God or some lesser goal that will inflate our ego.  Are we asking God to join Himself to our plan or are we asking to join His plan?

Another question is who’s will is being served?  Is it my desire for a certain result or is it the stated will of God?  Sometimes we disguise our will as the will of God.  For example, we pray for a person to be healed so that we don’t suffer the loss of that person.  The bible is clear that it is appointed to a man to once die, and after that the judgment.  I am not saying it is wrong to pray for health but I am talking about our motives.  It would be futile to pray for a man to be healed if he was facing his appointment to die.  Because we cannot see as God sees and do not know what God knows that we pray for things after we remove self interest and seek His will alone.

The final question that I have is who is being served.  Jesus said that He did not come to be served, but to serve.  Self serving does not honor God but is an affront to God.  It frustrates the grace of God.  Serving others is a gift that we can offer to God  for He said in as oft as you do it unto others, you have done it to me.

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