Trim Your Lamp

Mt 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
Mt 25:7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.

I was blessed to have been raised on a small country farm in southwest Missouri.  Times were rough and we were trying to make it in a depressed area.  My dad farmed with a team of mules and our home didn’t have the modern conveniences like electricity and indoor plumbing.  It was like living 50 years earlier and we learned the simple ways.  For lighting, we has kerosene lamps and we drew water from a well and burned wood for heat.

I learned what it meant to trim your lamp. The lamp produces its light from a wick which soaks up the fuel for the flame.  If the lamp has been used a lot, the burn rate of the wick, is not even and some parts of the wick become longer while other parts become shorter, causing the flame to be uneven and as a result it is not as bright.  To make the flame even across the top of the flame you would trim the wick evenly across and the top and then the flame would then burn evenly and give a brighter light.  This is what is referred to as trimming your lamp.

Notice that in the story in Matthew 25 that the wise and foolish all trimmed their lamps.  The difference is that the foolish virgins took no oil with them.  There are two requirements for the light to burn bright and they work together.  Without either one the light does not give off light. The oil is representative of the Holy Spirit for it is the Holy Spirit who will guide you into all truth.  How foolish it is to try to negotiate your way in darkness without the Holy Spirit’s guidance yet there are so many trying to live without following His directions.  You cannot borrow from another but you must secure the oil for yourself to have the light to see in the darkness.  Trimming your wick is the equivalent to walking by faith in Jesus as Lord.  We are like the wick in the lamp.  We soak up the life of the Spirit for our light but if we want our light to shine the brightest then we need to trip our wick for an even flame.

There is an interesting thing about the lamp.  When the oil is present and the wick is trimmed, there is one more thing you can do to increase the brightness of the lamp.  That is to expose more of the wick to the flame by the knob on the side of the lamp.  When it is raised it allows a larger flame and therefore gives off more light.  If you really want more light you must expose more of your self to the Lord by your honesty and your willingness to follow Him.

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