Trees that talk

No they don’t literally speak but they do illustrate some great lessons.  Take for an example, two trees that grow out of a single stump.  If you look up between the two trunks you will notice that neither tree has limbs the infringe upon the other’s space.  Any limbs that do grow in that direction soon die and allow space for the other tree.  The outside limbs grow is such a way that the two trees form the shape of one tree, each trunk supplying the need of the other.  It is like two people who marry and as the Bible says, they two shall be one.  Herein lies one of the secrets of a long and lasting marriage.

I was driving along a residential area and noticed a power line on one side of the road.  There were trees growing along the path of the power lines.  I noticed that all of the limbs that were close to the power lines were cut out and gave the tree an odd appearance.  Its growth was outside the power lines.  It reminded me of how that there are situations that really affect the growth of the tree.  The power lines took priority to the trees growth and caused the tree make drastic adjustments.  When major events such as weather crises, or plague or war happen then we need to make radical adjustments but we still can grow, even though we cannot control these events.

I saw another tree that had for some reason had been toppled over and part of the root system had been exposed.  It was interesting that the tree was able to continue living although the trunk of the tree lay on the ground and some of the roots were exposed.  The tree made and amazing adjustment.  Where there were limbs before, these became new trunks and out of the one trunk there were about a dozen limbs that had become trunks of new trees.  Sometimes a tragedy becomes the opportunity for maturity.  Similar to an older child taking on the care of their siblings in the loss of one or both of the  parents.  Another example is the life of Joseph when he was sold into slavery who then became the provider for his family as well as the entire Egyptian nation.

Have you considered that every tree is pointing upward as if to say look to God?  Have you come to realize that a tree gives of itself in the form of fruit.  It supplies our basic building material, lumber and it stores up the energy of the sun to be released in fire.  It provides shelter for the animals and food for insects and minerals for the soil.  It adds stability to prevent erosion and add beauty to our world.  It gives and gives and gives again.  Such is the picture of man in Ps 1:3 who conducts himself wisely.   Ps 1:3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.  

2 thoughts on “Trees that talk

  1. The tree lessons from your post yesterday came to mind this morning when I was reading in Luke chapter 6:43-45. I think I would have read over this part of the chapter with little thought had I not read your post. God is good. Thank you.

    • Wayne,

      Thanks for your insight. It always is a blessing when someone shares their insight. I reread the scripture you noted and I couldn’t agree with you more

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