Update on Eyes

This morning I went to the eye doctor for my two week post opt and was told that things are progressing normally.  I was given a little time to get my garden planted but I must take care to protect from dust and dirt, and so forth.

I also had my pre opt exam on my left eye and am scheduled for cornea transplant on the 13th of this month with the corresponding two week restrictions.  One of the things I do is compare the vision in the right eye with the vision in the left eye.  Having already completed the cornea transplant in the right eye I can compare how I can see with the left eye and I am always assured that I made the right move in having it done.  My right eye was 20/20 one day after surgery but my left eye is still fuzzy and has double vision.

An interesting note is that sometimes the right eye will get fuzzy and that was a real concern to me.  When I discussed it with the eye doctor, I was told that it is normal in that it takes weeks for all of the healing to take place.  It is because the eye is getting dry and still healing so it is not as responsive as it will be later.

As I thought about this I thought about how I had trouble focusing when I was a child and that it took a long time for me to see well.  As I grew I was able to see better and better until I had better than 20/20 vision.  I could see long distances and also small details up close.

As a new Christian, our spiritual eye sight has some adjustments to make as well.  Consider that one of the adjustments is that instead of seeing physically with our two eyes; we learn to see the spiritual realm through the eyes of faith.  At first we are not sure what we are seeing because we were totally unaware of it until we we finally beheld it.  But as we looked at it more we became more familiar with it and it then began to make sense.  Still, every once in a while we take a glance at things from the perspective of the world and then we get confused because we have assumed the controls of our life again.  This is where we need to see the eye doctor (Jesus) and get our eyes back on Him. Then our vision straightens out.


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