Walk by Faith

2Co 5:7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

I was meditating on the above verse and I got an insight into its meaning that I have not heard before.  (Though it doesn’t mean that no one else ever thought of it.)  When you consider the act of walking it is a shifting the total weight of the body off of one leg and onto the other leg and then back again and again.  That is how we move around in the physical world

There is a similar analogy in the spiritual sense.  Instead of physical legs, we have two dependable supports to carry us forward in our endeavors.  We have the Word of God and the Spirit of God.  We are able to move forward by utilizing both the Word of God with the Spirit of God.  Our faith in the Lord encompasses our trust in His word coupled with our trust in His Spirit.  In the Word of God we discover spiritual insights and in the Spirit of God we experience that truth in action.  Using them together we are enabled to move on to new truth and experiences and then to repeat that process over and over, hence the term, walking by faith.

Just knowing God’s truth will not bring the excitement of experiencing that truth.  The excitement of seeing God at work is incomplete without some understanding of what God is doing.  We need both the knowledge of His Word and the experience of seeing its fulfillment to bring us to the place of growing into His likeness and image.

Lets go for a walk.  It is good for your health.

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