Word Study Commentaries

I have a number of helps in my library that I have come to trust and have been a great source of insight.  They are know as Greek word studies.  You don’t have to know the original language to study the bible.  You can know its original meaning by using these word studies.  They will give you the original word and its meanings and the other places in scripture that the same word is used.  In addition, it will give you the variant meanings of its use.

There are a number of these and I won’t give you a complete list but there are a few that I use the most.  There is W E Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words where each word is keyed to Strong’s reference numbers as well as many other keys to its use.  It includes the old as well as the New Testament words in a one volume book.

W E Vines also has an Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words which is his older work on only the New Testament

There is Kenneth Wuest’s, Word Studies in the Greek New Testament.  It is a three of four volume set covering most of the New Testament, verse by verse.  He also has a complete New Testament translation from the Greek.  He also, gives you the original Greek work and its literal translation.

There is A T Robinson’s New Testament Word Pictures.  He doesn’t cover all of the New Testament but he does cover most of it and has some good insights as to word usage.  This comes in a 6 volume set with extensive insights into the Greek understanding and thought processes.

There are a number of other such references, some of which are not as reliable as the others, but for the average Christian today it is a giant step toward reading the bible in its original language and getting a more accurate understanding of God’s word.


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