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Yesterday I had the privilege of having lunch with 16 of the men from my Sunday School class.  As we talked after lunch the subject came up about creation and I shared a tidbit from my studies that there are three words in Genesis that we often use about the creation event.  The three words are: creation, form and make.  I noted that they are different words and do not refer to the same event.

The word that is translated create is from the word bara’ and means to bring into existence from nothing.

The word that is translated make is from the word ‘asah and has the meaning to take that which is already created and to fashion it into a tool or object of purpose.

The word that is translated form is the word yatsar  and has the meaning to mold or extrude or squeeze into shape.

I pointed out that because these are different words with distinct meanings that they are not referring to the same act.  When God created man is when He brought him into existence, which was before the creation of the world.  When God made man is when He placed man into the created world.  When God formed man is when He made him a body to live in this world.

So why is this important?  Careful bible study will aid us in realizing that man was not made a complete and perfect man when he lived in the garden of Eden.  The completion of man will not be fully realized until man has first been born physically, and then born from again (John 3) and then finally receives his resurrected body (Ro 8:23)

Bible Study is not just reading but it also includes working with the language, the times, the setting, etc.  It is a lot like mining in that you have to work your way through a lot of hard rock to get to the precious gold – but it is more than worth it.   2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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