Enough Time

“I just don’t have enough time.”  Have you ever heard someone say that?  Perhaps you have said that yourself.  Isn’t it is interesting that everyone has exactly the same amount of time, 24 hours a day.  It isn’t how much time we have but how we use it.  I remember riding with a guy once and he was cut off in traffic and his response caught me off guard.  He said, “I wonder how he is going to use the 3 seconds he just saved?”  Every second we have is simply an investment into what we believe is the most valuable.

Then there are those who “have nothing to do.”  There seems to be no urgency to do any particular thing.  They are simply marking time.  Often you see people watching the clock, just waiting until a certain time when they can cease their inactivity to do something else.  I know that sounds silly, cause it does to me, but that is how they live their lives. Their creative juices have dried up.  They are not working toward a goal to improve themselves or their circumstances.  They are dutiful in their work and bored.

Then there are those who are always looking for another existence.  Everything is wrong and they fight the system and the people around them.  They do not have any hope and they just want out.  They are not living life, just trying to escape it.

Occasionally, you run into someone who just seems to be doing everything.  They are excited about everything.  They are productive, happy, energetic and find meaning in every event that comes along.  Especially, the small things, simple things, discarded things, and society’s rejects.  They always have a listening ear, time to help, defend the bullied, etc.

So what is the difference?  It is in their value system.  The things they invest their time in are the things that are often overlooked, or undervalued.  They see Mr. opportunity knocking and respond.  They have the belief that seconds are precious and life is soon gone, never to return.  They have discovered that time is a precious gift from God and the proper use of it is part of their stewardship.

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