Get Growing

Nice weather as we have had the past couple days gives me a bad case of spring fever.  Spring is my favorite time of year.  Everything seems to point to New Life as plants and animals awaken from winters hibernation.  The days get longer and milder and thoughts turn to better days.

One of the big events is the garden.  You may say it is way to early to be thinking about that but even before you plant it there is the cleanup from last years garden.  Then there is the preparation of the ground and the starting of the seedlings so that you can get a head start on the growth time.  Today I finished cleaning up from last years garden and even added a new planting area in my back yard.

So why would I go through all the work of working the soil and edging it with the stones?  Because the plants need more sun than they were getting in my existing garden spot.

Just as the plants need a lot of sun shine to be able to grow the vegetables we eat so also we need a lot of SON shine on our lives to provide us the proper nourishment  we need to grow spiritually.  Just as I had to make an adjustment to my gardening we also need to make adjustment to our lives if we are not getting adequate time with the Lord.

The farmer plants good grain and allows it to face the elements and die that it might live again and produce its fruit.  He suffers the loss of the seed because he believes in a harvest.  It is an exercise of faith in God’s goodness to bless us with the things we need.

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