Refining My Skills

This afternoon I attended our monthly teacher training class.  After 50 years of teaching you would think that I knew how to teach.  I really enjoyed the class and was blessed with developing my skills even more than I had before.  If I do not continue to develop my skills then I will get lazy and rely on past knowledge.  When I do that I find that my class becomes predictable and I loose my appeal.  Every class should be fresh and exciting.  If it isn’t exciting for me then it won’t excite them.

Today’s class addressed how to open the class because everyone comes to a class with a wealth of different circumstances and moods.  We discussed how to get everyone on the same page so that learning will not be a drudgery or duty.  We took a passage of scripture and framed the subject matter into a lesson that was scriptural, and applicable to the audience.  While the educational pastor was teaching it came to me that it was like a funnel.  Bringing a collection of different people, backgrounds, interest, and knowledge into a single lesson that is edifying.

We also looked at the coming lesson plans for the next year to give our classes a continuity and to be able to watch for things that will aid us in our efforts.  In that vein, we noted some particular events that are upcoming.  One of them is our church Bible conference that will be held in June.  Because the national convention will be here in Dallas, Texas this year, we are taking advantage of some of the greatest Bible teachers of our time that will be here for the convention, to be our speakers/teachers.  The Bible conference will be held on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday following the Convention.  I am really looking forward to this event.

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