Prisoners 4

Today we will visit a prison that starts out as a good thing that turns into a monster.  It is the prison of SEXUAL PERVERSION.  Sex is a good thing.  It was created by God for the propagation of the human race,  His command to Adam to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth came with commitments to subdue it and to have dominion over it.  That is not a license for pleasure but a charge of responsibility.  This subduing is not meant for the woman to be subdued but for the man to subdue his own lower nature and to manage things in this world, in a manner that is consistent with God’s reign over His creation.  The pleasure is God’s reward for proper management.  What we see today is a mismanagement of our authority and to steal the reward without carrying the responsibility to care for and manage this world.  What God had commanded for the good of man was perverted into self gratification and became a curse on man.  It was open rebellion to God and produces untold numbers of problems and pain.

When pleasure becomes the goal, it now has become the plan of man and not the plan of God.  God’s plan will bless man as a reward but the blessing is God’s gift.  Man’s plan is simple theft; in that is he steals the blessing and refuses to carry the responsibility.  The lust of the flesh then reigns over the man and he becomes it’s prisoner.  As time goes on, the pleasure begins to decrease but the desire for that pleasure increases until it reduces man to the level of animals and his conduct becomes irresponsible.  This downward spiral continues its perversion through pornography, the wrecking the lives of lives (both male and female) in making them sex slaves, profiteering, bestiality, mutilation and finally ends in death.

So how does one escape such a prison when one of the strongest urges of man has been perverted?  It is not a mind over matter fight.  The cravings of the body don’t care about facts and it will fight dirty.  It is not so much of an effort as it is a fight for control.  Which will rule, the right thinking or the emotional gratification.  The problem is one of basic belief.  Is it worth the cost to forego the moment that will quickly fade in time to gain that which will never fade away.  The enriching of the soul that comes from having valued that person’s life more than your own gratification can be a treasure that enriches your life from now on.  The body will scream “I want” or “I need” but that is because it has never learned or been trained in self control.  A person who has not learned self control is really out of control.  A person who gratifies the flesh is concerned about pleasure but the one who edifies the soul and spirit gains eternal growth and benefit.  One is for a moment and the other is for eternity.  It really comes down to who is going to control your life.  When you are in charge you will make the wrong choice most of the time but when the Lord is in control you can and will overcome Satan’s devious trap and be freed from this prison.   John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.


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