Prisoners 2

The prison that I want to discuss today is that of having a COMPLEX.  There  are different types of complexes such as inferiority, superiority, persecution, invincibility, etc.  A complex is a perception about oneself that is believed because of a collection of pieces of information that may or may not be interrelated or complete. Several things go together to compile this belief such as emotion, success or failure, reports, bullying, prejudices. desires, etc.  However true or false the belief actually is, the person with the complex believes it to be true.  Often the case is not open for discussion so responding to the situation is extremely difficult.  It is not until the one with the complex comes to see the belief in relation to the full picture and not just a perception that real progress is made.

I often use the illustration of 4 people looking at a cup in the center of a table.  They are all looking at the same cup at the same time.  One sees a cup with a handle on the left, the person on their left sees a cup with the handle in the middle of the cup, the person on their left sees a cup with the handle on the right and the remaining person sees a cup with no handle at all.  This illustrates that perception is not the full picture and that a person that has a complex does not have a grasp on the full picture either.  It is probably impossible to talk someone with a complex out of their position.  If you are to help them you must first come along side of them and support their individual worth.  Relationship building takes time and love and a quick fix is highly improbable.  Then little by little you can examine each bit of information as it is presented to you. They need to see their perception in light of the greater truth so that they can unlock the chains that bind them because they are the ones that locked themselves in their own prison by their own acceptance of perception as truth.

The Bible declares that a person’s soul is more valuable than the whole world.  It is important for a person with a complex to see their value to Jesus and that He is come to give us life, real victory, not just a way to cope with life.  He will set us free from the imprisonment of our complex to live that life that is overflowing with abundance.  That is the message that they need to embrace.


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