Missionary Report

To see the hand of God working in the midst of this world has to be one of the great joys of my life.  During the week I met with FYI and listened as he shared some of the things that a person in China go through as a routine of life.  Hardship is the norm and isolation from the rest of the world and the modern wonders are commonplace.  Their life is one of struggle yet Christianity if flourishing.  On the other hand, we have every comfort and freedom and Christianity is often stagnate here.  I marveled as he told me how they are working to train the pastors and leadership and how faithful they are even without the amenities we have.

This morning I was greeted by members of my SS class with the tragic news that the Chinese government bulldozed down the church building of a 50,000 member church.  But, then in the morning service I was blessed by a former member of our church and now a missionary to China.  She has been serving there for 8 years.  This is the third missionary to China from our own church that have been in our services in the past few weeks.  It seems that the Lord may be saying something about the need in China.  It makes the translation of my book into Chinese all the more urgent.


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