A Great Reunion

What a thrill it was to have FYI in our home today.  As you may remember that I told you he was coming today.  I met with him last night and we made plans to meet today.  It was like time had stopped since they left for their homeland.  We rejoice together as we shared the events in our lives.  The people there live under a much different  environment from how we do.  While we enjoy many comforts and freedom, they live under very poor conditions and restrictions.  They do not have religious training available to them in most areas and their services center around prayer meetings and preaching.  Often the preaching will last for over an hour and the singing is little to none.  The churches exist by themselves for the most part as there is no association or convention activity as it is frowned upon by the government.  Travel is limited and much of it is by train.  A typical home will be small, have little furniture, and very little, if any, decorations.

We spent considerable time discussing the possibility of a mission trip to there.  I asked how we could be used to be a blessing to the people without causing a problem with the government.  We talked about many of the considerations such as visas, time, places, schedules, etc.  He shared about the people and how warm and supportive they were.  The work there is in a very primitive state.  The people know quite a bit about the bible but structured doctrine, organization, cooperation between churches and/or regions is almost nonexistent..  Nothing was decided but many possibilities were considered.  We determined to simply pray about it and leave the plan up to the Lord.  As He reveals to us what He wants to do then we will follow.

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