Lighting it up

I just had my neighbor, who I trimmed the cabinet door for, stopped by to thank me for the few minutes work I did and then she requested to buy a copy of my book.  She also shared with me that both her and her husband have been spending a lot of time in the Doctors office so they aren’t able to be as active in the Lord’s work as they want to be.  When I see these Christlike characteristics I just Praise the Lord.

Today I am spending most of my time in the office doing final preparation for tonight’s class.  Later this evening I will meet with FYI to set a time for tomorrows meeting on the Chinese translation and to look ahead to a mission trip sometime this fall.

I am also looking at other blogs and guidelines for improving this site.  I got one suggestion from a friend in Maryland who said I should add a picture of myself to the about me page, which I did.  I had another suggestion from my brother-in-law to add the section called Q & A which I also did.  Let me know what you think about these changes.  I am considering other changes as well so please send me your ideas.  I am not promising to use them but I have already incorporated two of them so I am open to them.

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