Why Holiness

The plan for today is to post another article, as well as this blog post and to spend some more time on the Wednesday class on Holiness as a lifestyle.  The theme of the introductory lesson is on Your Body As The Temple of God.  Many look at holiness as either an extremest position or as something out of the ordinary christian walk.  It is for the super christian or the professional but not for ordinary person.  There may be many reasons for this but one reason that I think predominates their thinking is that they see Christianity as an attachment to their lives rather than an all together new life.  Their view of life ends at death and they are just getting through it the best they can.  They do not see that this life is only preparation for what lies beyond this world.  They do not see God’s plan for man as God preparing Himself a place for Him to dwell, for eternity and that place is in us.  We are the Temple of God and as such we are responsible for culling out the things that do not represent Him.  That’s it in a nutshell.  Holiness is not for only a few but it is the norm for all Christians.

This is the last day for my son and his family to be here before they return to Japan.  This trip has been super beneficial as it has not only provided time for us to be together but also the imputes to get my website moving again.  Also, bonding with the grandchildren that we don’t get to see very often.  We do Skype, and that helps but there is no substitute for getting together.

Also, today is our oldest son’s birthday so we will be eating out this afternoon in Celebration of his 52 years.  We will also be taking  care of last minute details for my son and his family’s trip.  Then it is up early in the morning and off to the airport.

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