Small Steps

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Yesterday I went down to see one of my neighbors who needed some help with cutting a couple cabinet doors.  It turns out that they are Christians that are active in a local church and we had an instant connection.  We talked for a while and shared common experiences.  The shared with me that there are several others on our street that are also living the exciting life of faith.  I will look forward to getting to know more of them.

Today will be a slower day as we will be going out to an antique store with my son and his family who are visiting from Japan where he teaches English as a second language.  Later, we will be having lunch at a Greek restaurant and later we may eat at a Mexican restaurant.  Kind of an international day.  This evening I will spend time finalizing my Sunday School lesson.

I received an email from FYI that he will be here next week and we will have some valuable time going over the translation of my book into Chinese and fellowship.  I will share more about it after our meeting.

It may not seem like much is happening today but I see progress in several areas even though they are small steps.

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