I spent several hours yesterday working on the lesson for this weeks Sunday School class.  After studying it in the students quarterly to get their view of the lesson, as well as going through it in the teachers manual. in addition  I have studied the material over many years, so I have a good working knowledge of the material as well.  Now begins the process of taking that information and weaving it into a lesson that will be applicable to my group.  I intend to do that in the remainder of the week.

I also spent time on finalizing the first lesson of the study that I will begin next Wednesday on, Holiness as a lifestyle.  This study is forcing me to do a lot of introspection and self examination.  I am constantly reminded that they that preach the gospel, must live of the gospel.  It is very humbling.

Today I posted another article entitled Don’t Miss the Opportunity.  As I was going through the drill of posting an article with pictures, I made several mistakes and had to ask my son, who is visiting from Japan, how to do it.  He got me straightened out and I made myself an instruction sheet on doing that one operation.  It is all a part of the learning curve and I will get better at it.

Now to continue about FYI:  He is a christian pastor from China.  He was establishing churches and was quite good at it.  He was so good that the government invited him to leave the country so he came to America.  While here he attended Southwestern Seminary, and joined our church .  Soon thereafter he started a Chinese mission church under the umbrella of our church.  He became a US ciltizen and continued to work in the mission church.  Soon he began to feel the drawing of the Holy Spirit to his home land to continue his work there.  About this time I became acquainted with him and we bonded immediately.  He applied for a visa to China as an American citizen and it was granted.  A few months later he was back in China doing what the Lord has led him to do.  Upon my pastor’s recommendation, I asked him to pray about translating my book.  He didn’t want to do it at first but after prayer he said that he believed the Lord was in it so he agreed to do it but couldn’t start until he was able to get some other things in place.  He has informed me that he is using the book as a training manual to train new pastors.

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