I checked my email and I was overjoyed to hear from my co-laborer from China.  He will be here for a few days to take care of some items of importance and plans to meet with me about the translation.  He is also meeting with our Mission pastor to lay the ground work for a mission trip to China.  The problem is that China has passed a new law that is more restrictive on religious activity and it goes into effect on Feb. 1 of this year.  Please pray for God’s wisdom to know how to proceed.

I cannot give you his name or tell you about the details for his safety so I will identify him as “FYI”.  FYI is my co laborer in China that is translating my book into Chinese.  When I met him, we bonded immediately.  The Lord has done all the work in setting up this cooperative effort.

It started in the mind and wisdom of God but I became more aware of it a few years ago while I was living in Maryland.  I began to feel a restlessness and a leading to leave Maryland.  I had been living there for 27 years so I wasn’t sure about what I was sensing.  I didn’t have a place or a purpose in mind so I knew that it wasn’t my desire to move.  I put it before the Lord in prayer and asked Him to confirm and direct it.  Looking back, I think the Lord had been working on me for a while.  My wife and I had tried to sell our home the year before.  We had it on the market for months with over 200 site visits, yet not a single offer.  Now a year later we put it on the market again at the same price and it sold immediately.  In fact we had two offers at the same time and it sold for more than our asking price.  To make a longer adventure shorter, we moved here over two years ago and joined our church and through all that I met my translator, FYI.  To be continued. . .

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