Now it Begins

Today I worked on my website.  I have been learning how to navigate through the operations to add post and to correct my mistakes.  Figuring out how to correct a problem is more work for me than making an entry because I am still learning how things work.  I hope that you will be patient with me and overlook my mistakes.  I will try to help you walk through it with me.

In a little while I will be working on the first lesson of a 10 session course I am teaching at my church entitled, Holiness as a way of life.  I would suggest you read the article on this website entitled Fruit Bearing.  What is true for a fruit tree is also true for us.  Just as a tree will try to produce limbs and leaves rather than fruit, so we try to do works rather than become like Christ.  Limbs on a tree are necessary just as works are necessary for the Christian, but left to itself the tree will not produce juicy, sweet fruit nor will the Christian produce the fruit of the Spirit.  We desperately need for God to care for us as the Gardner cares for the fruit trees.  Our spiritual fruit  will become small and bitter without Holiness before God.

The big project that the Lord and I are working on is expanding the scope of the book that I have written entitled, The Mystery of Faith.  It is currently being translated into 4 other languages beside English, which is Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.  The Chinese translation is now in chapter 6, the Japanese is now in chapter 5, the Russian is now in chapter 3 and the Spanish is now in chapter 2.  More on this later.  I plan to add information on this site about the book and where you can get it.

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